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Tips from credit expert Jeanne Kelly

Episode 006, available now here on the site, features credit expert Jeanne Kelly!

Jeanne is a nationally known credit expert, has appeared on The Today show, and has blogged for and The Huffington Post.

Jeanne also is the author of two books available on Amazon, The Credit Makeover and the 90 day Credit Challenge.

Having a strong credit profile is vital, your score affects not only loan approval, but the costs and terms of the loan offered, which affects your monthly cash flow.

Along with encouraging you to listen to the interview with Jeanne to hear all the great credit improvement tips she offers during our conversation, the following are examples of the helpful tips she discusses;

Couples or business partners with varying degrees of credit, may want to consider separate credit accounts, with naming the other as an authorized user. This may be preferable than applying for joint credit as both applicants credit scores would go into the one decision and terms in the case of a joint credit application.

If you are considering the purchase of a home, check your credit report at least 3 months prior to the purchase. The more time to correct any errors or fix any items which need your attention prior to applying for a mortgage, the better. Go to for a free annual request of all three credit reporting bureau reports.

ID theft is a growing concern. Jeanne recommends ID Shield, from Legal Shield. For a nominal monthly cost, $9.95, you can be protected from hackers. More info on Legal shield can be found on

Always stay on top of your credit, as even a small late payment can significantly affect your score.

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About the author, Ralph

My entire 30 yr plus career has focused on finance. The past 7 years have been spent assisting small business owners and commercial real estate investors with obtaining the funding they need to accomplish their goals.

For small business owners, I have assisted with arranging lines of credit, account receivable. purchase order and equipment financing, along with working capital.

For commercial real estate investors, I focus on refi's, refi/cash out, property acquisitions, financing for new commercial developments, fix and flip loans and investment property financing.

During my career, I have learned we all can make the best business decisions possible if we had access to the appropriate capital partner for each specific financial request and credit profile.

Please reach out to me directly with any question you have related to your business or commercial real estate financing objective. Also, you can let me know what struggles you may be facing in your business, and I will do my best to help you get the answers needed to get through the struggle.

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