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Many of you have a mortgage on your home. Some of you may have a mortgage on an investment property. However, my guess is many of you are not aware you an buy mortgage held by others as an investment. Why would an investor want to invest in this area and what are the some of the tips to consider when buying mortgage loans? Our guest on Episode 14 of Financially Empowered with Ralph Russell is Dion DePaoli, CEO of Secure Debt Exchange Systems, Dio is an expert on investing in the non performing an performing loan business.

Among the topics we discuss in the podcast; Why a current lender sell a mortgage which is performing, with no serious issues, 2) What returns are available for investors buying a performing note, 3) What risk factors should a potential buyer consider.

This subject came to my attention in 2017 when I was trying to find a bridge loan for a client’s commercial property in suburban Chicago. The client owed their lender close to $312,000. No bridge lender was interested, but one of them offered to buy the commercial mortgage loan for $185,000, which the lender agreed to. The loan buyer established new loan terms at 12% interest only for 24 months, and when the loan is refinanced or the property is sold, the loan buyer should receive the full loan payoff, which at the time of purchase was $312,000.

There are many important pieces to consider with every loan purchase and Dion discusses many of them on this episode. I would also encourage you to reach out to Dion DePaoli at with any specific questions on this subject. Please mention you heard his interview on the podcast with Ralph Russell.

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Coming up, we will be discussing what is driving the popularity of fix and flip real estate, along with great strategies for student loan refinancing, investing in start ups for only $5,000, and how to locate the best online small business lenders.

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