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Assisting small business owners and commercial real estate investors with the financing needed to accomplish their goals!

Sub contractor funding when needed the most!!

By Ralph Russell | 08/20/2019 |

Often the biggest challenge sub contractors have is paying for the early stages of a job. In many cases, the lack of access to money results in a sub passing on a great project opportunity. We now have a solution for eligible sub contractors! A top lending partner provides up front funding which allows for…

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Incredible low rates for investment property portfolios!!

By Ralph Russell | 08/15/2019 |

The recent drop in interest rates has not only resulted in a drop in the US prime rate, but has been a benefit to small business borrowers and investment real estate borrowers. For instance, currently there are incredibly low interest rates for single family home, townhome, condo and small multi family (3 to 20 units)…

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Refi your merchant cash advance debt into a much lower cost term loan

By Ralph Russell | 01/10/2019 |

Are extremely high merchant cash advance costs crushing your cash flow? Time to refinance into a weekly pay or monthly pay term loans. I have helped business owners save thousands of dollars per month with this strategy!!

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The 4 most important factors in getting your Commercial real estate loan approved.

By Ralph Russell | 10/08/2018 |

After working with countless commercial property owners all across the US, I have concluded there are 4 very important factors which determine what loan requests get approved and which get declined. 1) The cash flow of the property, 2) The loan request to appraised value of the property, 3) the location/asset type of the property,…

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Thanks for listening, would love your feedback!

By Ralph Russell | 03/13/2018 |

Thanks to all of you for checking out the podcast! The audience grows each week, likely due to you sharing the podcast with your friends and family, and I am grateful to you for doing so. I would love to hear from you. What topics would like me to hear cover more? Investment real estate?…

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Reasonable borrowing rates for your next fix and flip or investment rental project!!

By Ralph Russell | 03/12/2018 |

On Episode 16, I am joined by Stephen Ballard of nationwide fix and flip lender, RCN Capital. Along with vetting every contractor associated with your project, and making sure all permits are in place before doing any work, obtaining the right financing is crucial for your flip or rental as well. On the episode we…

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Consider selling your term insurance policy before it expires!

By Ralph Russell | 03/06/2018 |

Term insurance is the most widely held type of life insurance. This is due to the fact that is much cheaper than universal life or whole life and is often taken out when the insured is younger and concerned about leaving a lump sum for income replacement for their beneficiaries. Term insurance is sold in…

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Tips for getting your small business loan approved!

By Ralph Russell | 02/28/2018 |

For many years, I have assisted many small business owners and real estate investors with locating the best financing options for their objectives. Many small business loans get declined and I point to a few consistent mistakes I see more than any other, 1) Not having the financial reports for the business put together in…

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Changes to 401k limits for 2018!

By Ralph Russell | 10/26/2017 |

How 401(k) plans will change next year The IRS announced recently that 401(k) contribution limits will increase by $500 per year beginning in January. That means that in 2018, employees who participate in the employer-sponsored program can put in as much as $18,500 per year, up from $18,000 the year before. The savings could eventually…

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Turn your invoices into instant cash!

By Ralph Russell | 10/22/2017 |

The challenge many small business owners face is delayed payment from their customers. Often, invoices go unpaid 30/60/90 days plus. How great would it be to take control of your companies cash flow? Funding programs are available which give you instant access to money tied up in your account receivables. Your personal credit score is…

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