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The odds of another rate hike before year end is high!

According to Bloomberg World Interest Rate Probability data, the odd of another rate hike in the US by the Federal Reserves is 76.7%!

Should you be considering locking in a mortgage rate, you may wish to do so sooner than later.

The US prime rate stayed at 3.25% from December 16, 2008 until December 15, 2015, a stretch of 7 years!! The prime rate was then increased to 3.7% last December 15, and 2017 has witnessed two increases in the prime rate, to 4% March 16, 2017 and to 4.25% June 15, 2017. Should the Fed raise the fed funds rate again before year end, I would anticipate another .25% increase, which in turn would lead the US prime rate to 4.5%. Even with the increases we have seen, the rate is still incredibly lower than the all time high in the US prime rate of 21.5% set Decemmber 19, 1980!!!

Here is a link to a history of where the US prime rate has been over the years.

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