Assisting small business owners and commercial real estate investors with the financing needed to accomplish their goals!

What topics would be of the greatest interest to you?

There are SO MANY financial topics we can cover on Financially Empowered!.

What matters to me is what YOU want to learn more about.

We will often focus on expert solutions for vitally important topics such as affordable health care coverage,proper steps to get your personal or business loan approved, student loan debt refinancing,, repairing a credit report, paying for your or your family members long term care, and protecting your investment portfolio or 401k against a significant market drop.

What financial topics would you take 20 to 25 minutes out of your day to learn more about?
What are the first steps to take in starting your own business? What should go into a business plan? How can you raise money for a new business/ Maybe you want to learn best practices to scale up your business? Perhaps, you find real estate or global investing more interesting.

Your feedback is highly encouraged!!! Please send your ideas for topics and potential guests you would like featured to

"About The Show"

Each 25 to 30 minute episode of Financially Empowered will cover topics of vital importance to aspiring or current business owners, investors in the US and global markets and real estate investors. We will get right to it in the initial episodes with insight from experts discussing the following subjects;

  1. Hedging your investment portfolio against a significant market drop.
  2. An affordable group healthcare plan for your small business in an environment of rapidly increasing insurance premiums.
  3. How do I repair my credit before applying for a business loan?
  4. Student loan refinancing options.
  5. Converting life insurance policies into paying for senior care expenses.
  6. Lending options for your commercial real estate loan request after your bank says no.

Your input on potential future topics and guests you would like on the podcast will always be encouraged!

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