Assisting small business owners and commercial real estate investors with the financing needed to accomplish their goals!

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Welcome to Financially Empowered with Ralph Russell!

 Our number one focus is to assist business owners with securing the cash they need at the best possible rate and terms!.

Through our network of direct capital providers across the US, clients can get paid quicker on their receivables, get access to the money needed for new purchase orders, turn the equity in their equipment into cash, and qualify for a business cash advance within 24 hours. Access to cash is critical to running a successful business. ,

Another speciality of our firm is securing the funding Commercial real estate owners need to buy a new property, or refinance a property they currently own.

Questions on how you access the money your business needs? Please give Ralph a call at 312 582 0929 or email Ralph at .

My sincere thanks for visiting the site. I will be adding content to the blog weekly and adding podcasts on topics relevant to small business owners.!

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"This podcast is an amazing resource and I highly recommend it! After listening to the first few episodes, I have already started to make better business decisions."

Erica - Chicago.

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The 4 most important factors in getting your Commercial real estate loan approved.


After working with countless commercial property owners all across the US, I have concluded there are 4 very important factors which determine what loan requests get approved and which get declined. 1) The cash flow of the property, 2) The loan request to appraised value of the property, 3) the location/asset type of the property,…

Please send me the Self Directed IRA investing guide!

Very few investors know their retirement funds held in IRA's and idle 401k's are eligible to be invested in alternative assets such as start ups, investment real estate such as fix and flips and non owner occupied rental properties, discount notes and more.

Learn more about self directed IRA'S by ordering the free Guide to Self Directed IRA investing here!

Always consult your team of advisers before considering any investment.

Should you have any questions on the guide, you can reach me at, on Twitter @ralphspodcast or on Facebook @financiallyempowered.

Bringing insight weekly from proven business experts!

Every day in my role as a commercial finance adviser to small business owners and Commercial real estate investors, a series of questions are asked consistently.

Questions from new entrepreneurs usually focus on business plan creation, the best options for obtaining needed funds, incorporating, hiring,  location (buy vs lease, full or co sharing space) selecting the proper partners, and the importance of finance, legal and tax professionals.

Experienced business owners are interested in funding options for expansion, retaining and releasing talent, bringing in  outside investors,  best healthcare and retirement benefits options, top strategies for acquiring a competitor, building or improving a social media presence, and the proper time to consider selling the company.

Each week on the 25 to 30 minute episode of Financially Empowered with Ralph Russell, we will be joined by an expert in the many facets of business ownership, domestic and global investment markets, and real estate.

Bankers will share what decisions go into a loan getting approved vs declined. Real estate pros will offer tips on how to maximize your returns. Legal experts will remind you of the top items to consider when starting your business. Business owners will share their mistakes so you can avoid making those same mistakes as a new entrepreneur.

And this is just the start... your advice on topics and future guests will be welcome at all times.




Financially Empowered with Ralph Russell

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