Assisting small business owners and commercial real estate investors with the financing needed to accomplish their goals!

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Welcome to Financially Empower with Ralph Russell!

 Our number one focus is to assist business owners and commercial real estate owners with securing the cash they need at the best possible rate and terms!.

Through our network of direct capital providers across the US, clients can get paid quicker on their receivables, get access to the money needed for new purchase orders, turn the equity in their equipment into cash, and qualify for a business cash advance within 24 hours. Access to cash is critical to running a successful business. ,

Another speciality of our firm is securing the funding Commercial real estate owners need to buy a new property, or refinance a property they currently own.

Questions on how you access the money your business needs? Please give Ralph a call at 312 582 0929 or email Ralph at

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As a full time real estate investor, the biggest issue I run into is funding.  Thankfully, I met Ralph and he has made the process so much easier.  We had a deal recently where we needed a unique refi, as well as construction financing to finish the project.  Ralph was not deterred, he immediately identified the best type of funding, set up a meeting with the lender, and we closed in less than two weeks!  I would highly recommend Ralph for his vast knowledge, attention to detail,  and ability to connect the right dots on any deal!

Phil - Chicago.

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Bringing insight weekly from proven business experts!

Every day in my role as a commercial finance adviser to small business owners and Commercial real estate investors, a series of questions are asked consistently.

Questions often focus on the best options for obtaining needed funds, how quickly can their loan close,  and what the rate, terms and costs will be for their financing.

Experienced business owners are interested in reducing their borrowing costs, financing materials needed for new orders, and getting paid faster on their invoices. I often work with clients on strategies to pay off their very high cost of merchant cash advances, along with leveraging their account receivables to maximize the company cash flow.

Here on the website and on my Instagram and Facebook page @financiallyempowered, I will post video and written blogs along with podcast interviews with experts on subjects of specific interest to business owners and real estate investors. Bankers will share what decisions go into a loan getting approved vs declined. Real estate pros will offer tips on how to maximize your returns. Legal experts will remind you of the top items to consider when starting your business. Business owners will share their mistakes so you can avoid making those same mistakes as a new entrepreneur. In the future, I also plan to host webinars on subjects of particular interest to my clients.

This is just the start, I welcome your feedback at all times, both here on the site at my contact page, and on my social accounts @financiallyempowered as well.





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